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Planner Made Easy

Living Richly on a Budget
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Finding the right planner is kinda hard, right?

It’s like looking for your soulmate because you’ll be in a long term relationship with it… a year or longer!

It has to make you smile when you look at it.

It has to fit into your lifestyle:

  • Whether you’re a paper girl or all digital.
  • Whether you prefer Sunday Start or Monday Start

It has to be there for you when life gets hectic and crazy.

It has to support your goals.

It has to work to keep you organized and give you peace of mind.

Planner Made Easy might be your soulmate! It’s ready for a long term relationship - 2 years! That’s longer than most planners.

It’s cute and one of a kind. It’s not your average planner.

It isn’t shallow like the others - it’s over 140 pages!

It’s flexible because you have options for managing your daily, weekly, and monthly pages. So customize your planner the way you want it.

Plus, you get the added bonus of meal planners, grocery shopping lists, self care sheets, and habit trackers to inspire a healthier lifestyle.

Includes Planners for:

  1. 2 years - 2023 + 2024
  2. Personal Goals
  3. Business Goals
  4. Planning Meals
  5. Planning Grocery Trips
  6. Building New Healthy Habits
  7. Taking Time for Self-Care


6 PDF's with over 140 pages (zipped file)


  1. Sunday Start Monthly and Year at a Glance (55 pages)
  2. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners, and Goals (16 pages)
  3. Meal Planners and Grocery Lists (6 Pages)
  4. Habit Trackers (9pages)
  5. Quarterly Planners (8 pages)
  6. Monday Start Monthly and Year at a Glance (55 pages)


  1. Print on paper to make a planner binder.
  2. Print your favorite sheets and post them on your fridge, desk, or wall for daily reminders.
  3. Use digitally on your iPad with GoodNotes and an Apple pen (not included). There are lots of How to guides on YouTube.


Who is Planner Made Easy for?

Boss Babes, Rockstar Moms, Planner Babes

Are there refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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Planner Made Easy

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